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& you want to know about me?

I am Sarah.
I'm 18 and in college (this sep.)
I'm a good student, non-ditzy, nice, funny, L O Y A L and nonjudgmental.
I'm taken (four years since July 15th) so I'm not interested.
I'm a nerd (and proud) and I'm pretty (from what I'm told). Pretty geeks and nerds unite ♥!!
I'm a nice New Yorker. weird, isn't it?
I'm a book, villain, video game, and coffee J U N K I E.
I ♥ my r e c t a n g u l a r frames.
C o o k i n g is my one true passion.
although I D O enjoy making collages...and reading...and painting...
I love OLD movies and classic books. ♥
A B&N, Borders & coffee shop addict.
I am not an emo and I don't care if you are. It's your LJ, be emo if you like.
I really love different cultures but I'm pretty much obsessed with J a p a n, Rome, and I t a l y.
I'm scared of lightning but I love thunder.
Lolita. Angels and Demons. Harri Pottah. 1984. Books this junkie loved.
V for Vendetta & Rocky Horror are movies I ♥

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L's Expressions are nothing but love.

Hawkeye x Barry pwns your OTP is love
Made by _joha @ fukikomu

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Ryoki and Hatsumi Ryoki hxn fan r.n fan r.n fan

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